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Confused DA's BA's what does it all mean?

I often hear clients say they have been and asked at council and they don't need anything they spoke to Planning. 

Ok, Planning is one department of council and that is one part of the question you would need to ask. Just because you don't need a planning permit does not mean you don't need a building permit. A planning permit DA (Development Application) is a permit to allow you to do the development. A Building permit BA (Building Application) is the permit to build the building. You some times need both or sometimes just a building permit.

So if you are approaching council to ask what you need to do and which permit/s you need, remember you need to speak to both departments Planning and Building.

The other thing to remember if you change one thing about the building you are asking about that may change what permits you need, so keep your apples with apples when asking both departments, don't think oh yes if I changed that I don't need to have a planning permit but it might change something with building or vice versa.

Hope this helps, happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this matter.

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