Even the smallest project may appear to huge. Yes you would like a builder  to come in and handle everything. Sometimes the cost to do this is may be prohibitive. Don't feel dispondent there may be another way to do things. Yes it may take longer however if the outcome is the project can be built for a cost you can afford it is worthwhile trying to find someone to help you.

This type of projects comes to my door on a regular basis, different contractors not working their way through the process to find a solution - happy to do that. Working towards a good outcome- happy to do that, or just finding a way to get it done for you, happy to do that. Even if you are looking for someone to handle the project for you - happy to do that.

A client thanked me today as they said if it was not for you we wouldn't be able to have this built.  

Let's get your project working towards an outcome