House Performance

Wow the weather in Launceston hasn't it been hot. How did your house perform?

In talking to a client during the hot weather with regards to their house, it performed very well it was at an even temperature which was comfortable. Good design, correct orientation and appropriate material construction is the key.  

How did your house perform? Do you have all these components? 

Maybe this can still be achieved, call now to see how we could achieve this for the next hot day or for the cool days.

My client also noted how much he and his wife loved their house, he said " it is just like being on holiday everyday, the house is so relaxing and the views we have, they can been seen everywhere in the house its great!"

How is your house performance?

More terminology

Happy New Year! Time to start your project.

Confused DA's BA's what does it all mean?

I often hear clients say they have been and asked at council and they don't need anything they spoke to Planning. 

Ok, Planning is one department of council and that is one part of the question you would need to ask. Just because you don't need a planning permit does not mean you don't need a building permit. A planning permit DA (Development Application) is a permit to allow you to do the development. A Building permit BA (Building Application) is the permit to build the building. You some times need both or sometimes just a building permit.

So if you are approaching council to ask what you need to do and which permit/s you need, remember you need to speak to both departments Planning and Building.

The other thing to remember if you change one thing about the building you are asking about that may change what permits you need, so keep your apples with apples when asking both departments, don't think oh yes if I changed that I don't need to have a planning permit but it might change something with building or vice versa.

Hope this helps, happy to answer any questions you might have regarding this matter.

Just drop me an email.  


Are you confused by the terminology used in the industry , let me explain some to you.

Building Design or Architect. Building Design have been to a Tafe and completed studies in what's called the built environment and Architects go to University and study the Arts and the form. We both really have similar knowledge. 

Both do the same or similar work maybe at a different fee rate.

A draftsperson is old terminology is is being phased out as Building Design has become a recognised profession and career path. Draftperson used to work for either a Building Designer or Architect, these people are now called technicians. Most Draftsperson are now Building Designers. 

Stayed turned for the next Blog regarding more Terminology ie Planning DA BA will be explained 


Even the smallest project may appear to huge. Yes you would like a builder  to come in and handle everything. Sometimes the cost to do this is may be prohibitive. Don't feel dispondent there may be another way to do things. Yes it may take longer however if the outcome is the project can be built for a cost you can afford it is worthwhile trying to find someone to help you.

This type of projects comes to my door on a regular basis, different contractors not working their way through the process to find a solution - happy to do that. Working towards a good outcome- happy to do that, or just finding a way to get it done for you, happy to do that. Even if you are looking for someone to handle the project for you - happy to do that.

A client thanked me today as they said if it was not for you we wouldn't be able to have this built.  

Let's get your project working towards an outcome 


Experience of your designer is gold for you as the client.

How does this help, you ask? Well if you are dealing with a well connected professional it can cut down the time, prevent mistakes and help you achieve a great end product. Your designer comes with a wealth of experience to be able to get things done and know where to find what is best for your project.

Ask your designer today about their experience!

Making a List

Making a list

When designing a new home or just renovating your existing one, a list is a good place to start. If a list is not your thing pictures speak a thousand words to your designer.  Work out what you need, your wish list and how long you are going to be in a place. If this is your for every place, think about the future and possible modifications to make it work long term. Work out what you think you can afford. look around at houses for sale and on line this gives you an idea of what buildings costs and you may see things you like in those houses you could incorporate. Once you have your list you have a good place to start with your designer.

Sustainable Homes

Attended a great day at the TNRM Sustainable Expo on Saturday. Not all houses that are sustainable need to look out of place in the street, yours can look similar to others in the street, just preform much better and have every low running costs. Homes designed and are shown within this web site are just like that. Yours can be as well, for new homes to altering your home to achieve that we can design that for you.