Lost- Have your plans & not sure what to do with them now

Let Theresa L Hatton Building Design take over the process helping you getting it to approval.

Ensuring you have all the correct documentation, You have all the forms & you are heading in the right direction.


The Project

The building process can be fun and very daunting. Theresa L Hatton Building Design can help with this process. Employing Theresa to conduct tenders for the right builder then allowing

Theresa L Hatton to do the project admininstration will give you a stress free build of your project.


Theresa L Hatton
Phone : 03 6334 7144
Email theresa.hatton@bigpond.com



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Whilst on holiday the work was done!

"Whilst on holiday in Europe Theresa L Hatton looked after the project sending us updates. We came home to a lovely completed project"

— M.B.




Spend quality time with family while the process is being taken care of.